So, you’re interested in Atlanta grass installation. Maybe you’ve heard about how low-maintenance it is. Or, you’re sick of dealing with your natural lawn and all the bare patches, dead grass and sheer work that comes with it. Whatever your reason is, it’s a serious investment from any angle.

Because of that, don’t shell out a single cent on synthetic turf installation without knowing as much as you can about it, starting with these four facts.

artificial grass landscaping

1. Artificial grass does require a little maintenance.

It’s low-maintenance, not zero maintenance. But it’s infinitely easier to care for artificial turf in Atlanta versus real grass and sod installation. You only need to:

  1. Hose it down if it gets too dirty
  2. Brush up the fibers if you notice them getting matted/flat
  3. Pick up trash

That’s basically it! We’ve drawn up this FREE Quick Guide to Taking Care of Your New Artificial Turf in Atlanta, so do check it out if you’d like to learn more.

2. Synthetic turf is eco-friendly.

And in several ways, even greener than the real thing. For one, high-quality synthetic turf in Atlanta is made from sustainable, recyclable materials. Since it’s not alive, it helps the environment by:

  • Not wasting water to irrigate the lawn
  • Not needing pesticides and other toxic chemicals, which can poison the soil and water sources
  • Excluding trash to landfills (again, old artificial grass can be recycled and repurposed!)
  • Reducing your carbon footprint, because it doesn’t need gas-powered maintenance equipment like lawn mowers

In other words, artificial grass companies near me are your best bet if you want a beautiful lawn that’s also great for the environment.

3. Dog urine won’t stink up artificial grass.

As long as you clean it up properly, that is. Synthetic grass for dogs has several odor-fighting features, such as anti-bacterial turf, special odor-neutralizing infill and an extremely efficient porous backing that quickly drains urine and other liquids away.

However, you also have to do your part in order to keep artificial grass stink-free. For one, make sure to rinse your dog’s pee spots regularly. Next, pick up their poop immediately. Use soapy water to rinse any urine or poop. Other than that, synthetic turf is an excellent way to keep your yard stink-free!

In other words, artificial grass companies near me are your best bet if you want a beautiful lawn that’s also great for the environment.

4. Synthetic turf is 100% safe for children.

In fact, many schools, playgrounds and other facilities that cater to kids are switching to synthetic turf to meet critical fall height requirements.

Not only is synthetic grass much softer than real grass, you can also add a shock pad to the installation. A shock pad cushions impact and reduces the chance of injury should children trip or fall from a height, such as from playground equipment. High-quality synthetic turf is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Make the Best Decision for Your Home with Atlanta Grass Installation!

Want to know more about synthetic grass? Check out our artificial grass blog for more awesome information and trivia about synthetic turf! Of course, you can always talk to us directly, whether you have any questions or would like to get started with your installation.

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