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Playing outside with your dog is one of the best parts of having your own yard. However, it can take a toll on the natural lawn. All that running, digging and going potty on the grass can quickly turn the area into a damaged, dirty eyesore. Solve these four lawn problems caused by your furry friend with Atlanta artificial grass for pet-friendly yards!

4 Yard Issues Solved by Synthetic Grass for Pets

Together, natural lawns and dogs spell trouble. Real grass is too delicate for playful canines. More importantly, various elements that thrive in natural turf, such as weeds and pests, can harm your pooch. Artificial turf offers a wonderful middle ground —dogs love its realistic look and feel, and it doesn’t suffer from issues that plague natural lawns.

Say goodbye to these four problems with pet-friendly Atlanta grass installation:

  1. Urine Damage

The high nitrogen content of dog urine can create brown or yellow spots in your yard and kill the grass. This is known as urine damage or lawn burn. It can be difficult to fix, especially if you have more than one dog that uses the yard as their bathroom.

Artificial turf solves this in one go. It’s completely resistant to the effects of urine, letting the moisture drain to the sub-soil. With synthetic grass, no dead or wilted spots will develop in your yard, no matter how frequently your pet goes potty on it. Look forward to a consistently lush and green surface that’s easy to clean with a simple rinse.

  1. Dangerous Holes and Dips

Dogs love to dig. They dredge up the soil to bury prized bones, create cool spots to take a nap in or just to have fun. Canines are attracted to the smell of loose dirt, and a natural lawn is no match for their strong paws. Unfortunately, this can create hazardous, ugly holes on your beautiful lawn.

For a more dig-resistant yard, choose Atlanta artificial grass for pet-friendly outdoor spaces. Pet turf is extremely durable, and it retains its smooth, even surface no matter how hard your dog may dig.

  1. Ripped-Up Turf

Aside from digging up holes, most dogs enjoy tearing up the turf during playtime. To fix those bare spots, you’ll need to completely reseed the yard and wait for the grass to grow or replace the area with expensive real turf. Prevent this problem altogether with tough artificial grass in Atlanta. It can withstand high amounts of paw traffic without getting ripped or torn.

  1. Mud and Grass Stains

Maintaining a clean home is a constant battle when you have a dog and a natural lawn. Even the slightest amount of moisture will turn dirt into mud, and dogs can track them all over the house after playing outside. Stubborn grass stains are also a common consequence of outdoor playtime.

The best artificial turf in Atlanta can make this upkeep headache disappear thanks to its dirt-free surface, efficient drainage and zero grass blades. Invest in top-quality synthetic turf for a mud- and stain-free home for both you and your canine companion.

Design the Ideal Pet Landscape with Artificial Turf!

When it comes to dog runs, it’s hard to beat the practical, beautiful and durable qualities of artificial grass. Atlanta Artificial Grass can help you create an outdoor canine paradise that will also transform your whole yard experience. Call us now at 470-868-4790 to learn more about pet turf and its many applications!

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