You don’t have to do much to keep artificial turf in Atlanta in perfect condition. That’s one of the reasons why people make the switch in the first place! However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance.

Artificial grass upkeep is simple. First, hose it down if it gets too dirty with spills, dirt or stains. Next, pick up any debris. Finally, brush it up if you notice it getting flat.

In addition, you also don’t need any special tools for turf maintenance. Retired your lawn mower yet? You should, because you’re never going to need it as long as you have Atlanta artificial grass.

One thing you do need, however, is a rake.

rake on artificial turf

4 Ways a Rake Makes It Easy to Maintain Artificial Grass

  • 1. It’s perfect for sweeping leaves.

    Never let organic matter like leaves linger too long on your synthetic lawn. Turf’s weed barrier significantly reduces weed growth, but decaying matter can encourage it.

    A rake is very useful in efficiently sweeping up leaves and other debris. However, do NOT use a regular garden rake with metal prongs. This can damage turf permanently. Instead, use a rake with plastic or synthetic bristles.

  • 2. It’s good for removing moss and weeds.

    Both are rare occurrences in an Atlanta putting green or yard, but it’s possible. You can easily and quickly remove them by using your rake. It’s capable of penetrating into the turf pile and pulling out weeds right from the root. Moreover, those stiff plastic bristles can swiftly remove and cut through moss.

  • 3. It’s a great tool for keeping turf lush.

    It’s hard to break the fibers of artificial turf, but heavy use can eventually flatten it. Simply sweep through the fibers using your rake to restore their upright position. Depending on how much you use your lawn, you may have to do this just once or twice a year. If you have pets, children or frequently host get-togethers on your synthetic lawn, we recommend doing it a little more often.

  • 4. Use it to refresh your turf’s infill layer.

    Infill is an important part of any artificial grass system. For instance, it prevents creases and wrinkles. It also provides support, so the fibers stay in a vertical position. Furthermore, infill protects the backing, helps cool down turf and encourages proper drainage.

    However, daily use can display some of the infill on your lawn. If this happens, simply brush the turf to work the infill back into the bottom of the turf pile.

Lawn Maintenance Just Got Easier with Artificial Turf in Atlanta!

A rake is one of the most inexpensive maintenance tools you can get. You’ll notice this is a trend with artificial grass. Compared with a natural lawn, caring for synthetic turf is easier, cheaper and stress-free.

Ready to experience it first-hand? We’ll throw in a free estimate to help you get started! Call Atlanta Artificial Grass today at 470-868-4790 or send us a message here.

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