No matter what type of golfer you are, you’ll find plenty of challenges on a artificial grass backyard putting green. Pro golfers, for instance, practice their putting and short game skills on a small-scale version of their favorite course, tweaking their games to play well at all distances and angles.

Synthetic Grass putting green golf game

As for amateurs, a backyard putting green can add some fun competition to your backyard golf sessions with friends or give you a place to work on your game when you can’t get to the course.

Here are five features that can make any Atlanta grass installation more challenging:

1. Sloped greens

Slopes are a great way to add challenge to your backyard green. With an undulating surface, balls don’t roll through the putting surface as easily and you’re forced to adjust for uphill and downhill putts.

2. A practice bunker for your short game

The more you practice, the better your short game will be, so consider adding a sand trap off of the putting surface to use for chipping and pitching on your Atlanta putting green. This way, when you do have to take on a bunker on the course, you’ll be better prepared.

3. Ridges and mounds

Ridges and mounds are another way to increase the difficulty of your backyard putting green. When used sparingly, they can create an interesting surface on which to putt. But be careful not to overdo it – too many bumps and ridges can make it hard to know which part of the green is even closest to the hole.

4. A water hazard

Adding a water hazard to your Atlanta grass installation is a great way to add risk/reward to your putting game. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a mini creek or small pond as your hazard – just make sure it’s not too close to the hole!

Aside from upping the challenge of your course, water hazards are also a beautiful addition to any Atlanta putting green. 

5. Multiple hole locations in Artificial Grass

Adding multiple hole locations to your backyard green is a great way to change up the challenge from day to day or even during a single game. This also gives you more of an opportunity to use different parts of your yard to create interesting putting surfaces.

Your Dream Putting Green Begins with Artificial Grass!

No matter what type of putting green you choose to install in your backyard, synthetic grass is the perfect surface for the job. Not only does it look great and stay green year-round, but it’s also durable enough to stand up to even the most challenging features and rigorous practice sessions.

Not sure if your backyard can fit a putting green? Allow us to take a look and let’s see what we can do! Artificial grass in Atlanta GA is incredibly versatile and our talented designers and installers love a challenge.

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