Want to have a personal Atlanta putting green, but you’re not prepared for the upkeep demands of natural grass? With synthetic turf, you don’t have to be! Artificial turf for putting greens are designed to provide the same playability found in club courses minus their vulnerabilities and maintenance hassles. Let a professional installer handle your project to get these amazing advantages.Hiring Expert Installers

5 Benefits of Relying on Professional Putting Green Turf Installers

With an experienced expert on the job, you can sit back and relax as your dream green comes to life. Here’s why:

1. They offer sound advice for synthetic turf selection.

Color and pile heights aren’t the only things that distinguish artificial grass varieties. They also differ in material, durability, quality and purpose.

Seasoned turf specialists can help you identify the best type for your putting green project. In addition, they can recommend artificial grass based on the golf skills you want to hone, your visual preferences and more. On a tight budget? Let your expert installers know so that they can narrow down their suggestions to budget-friendly but high-quality grass products.

2. They know how to prepare the installation site.

Installing artificial turf in Atlanta is not as simple as clearing off the putting green site and fastening the synthetic greens on top it. It starts with customized preparations, which are best done by experts. What’s involved in installation prep varies based on the site’s condition and the project’s details.

For instance, if the site is a weed-ridden lawn with a built-in sprinkler system, installers would start by removing all plant life, cutting off the plumbing and conducting a soil test. They may apply a weed control solution to prevent future infestations. The results of the soil exam will dictate the next steps of the preparation process.

3. They are well-equipped to carry out installations.

Artificial grass experts have all the tools and equipment necessary to ensure successful installations. Moreover, this eliminates the need to buy or rent out the equipment yourself. If they rely on industrial equipment, like a wacker plate, they may include its usage in your overall costs. Ask your synthetic turf installers for their policies regarding special equipment use.

4. They simplify putting green upkeep.

It takes a lot of time, money and effort to have an Atlanta putting green that’s covered in natural grass. Above all, consider all the chores you’ll need to do to keep its soil and turf healthy.

Get lush, vibrant putting greens without much effort with the help of a professional synthetic grass installer. For example, they can incorporate a weed barrier, drainage system and deodorizing infill to simplify your golf course maintenance routine.

5. They install artificial grass on surfaces of every size, shape and type.

Whether you’re thinking of installing your putting green indoors or integrating it someplace with varying terrain, professional turf installers have you covered. After that, They can secure synthetic turf on soil, wood, concrete, tiles and more.

Is your putting green site not a perfect square or rectangle? Don’t worry; expert installers can alter the synthetic turf to fit spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Leave Your Putting Green Installation in Capable Hands

As the premier provider and installer of artificial grass in Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Artificial Grass can turn your dream green into a reality. Entrust your project to our team of experts for a fast and error-free installation. Call us now at 470-868-4790 for inquiries!

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