Wood decking used to be all the rage, especially during the 90s decking boom. Home makeover shows and interior designers made it look so attractive. It was rustic, budget-friendly and looked good— what more can you ask for?
Well, the problem with decking is that it doesn’t take long before it starts looking tired and worn. Atlanta grass installation offers an easy way to refresh your old deck while making it safer, more beautiful and long-lasting.


Can you lay artificial turf on decking?

Yes, as long as your decking is in good health. You need a stable foundation for the installation. For instance, we don’t recommend it for decks that are already rotting. You’ll have to fix it first before covering it with artificial grass. This can mean replacing broken or rotting parts, treating moss and filling in any sizable gaps.

Otherwise, decks are the perfect surface for artificial turf installation. They’re generally level and already have weather protection. No weeds to worry about, as well!

Benefits of Laying Synthetic Turf on Decking

  • Atlanta artificial grass can restore faded, discolored or damaged decking.

  • Covering a wood deck with synthetic grass eliminates the need to treat, fix and seal your deck for good.

  • You can save time and money with turf artificial grass because you don’t have to buy and apply deck sealant and paint anymore.

  • It allows the deck to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your front yard landscape design. For the full effect, consider switching to a wholly artificial lawn to create a low-maintenance contemporary landscape!

  • Artificial grass installation makes decks much safer. For instance, it provides a less slippery surface to walk on, especially during the winter or whenever it rains.

  • Unlike real grass, you barely have to maintain it. Pick up debris, sweep away dirt and brush it up a few times a year to keep it lush.

  • It’s a great jumping point for other artificial grass front yard ideas! Turn your deck into a shady outdoor living room, mini playground, dog run or add an Atlanta putting green in there.

Can you DIY Atlanta Grass Installation for Decks?

Most landscape architects and designers will caution you against this. It’s not as easy as measuring out turf and fitting it onto your deck.

You have to consider other elements such as the gradient of your decking and drainage. Next, you also have to check if your deck has a weed membrane and whether it’s still intact. It also takes special techniques and tools to install other parts like a shock pad layer.

Often, DIY installers only realize the mistakes they’ve made after they’ve installed artificial grass. Problems like drainage failure, gap issues and uneven seams will only show up later . By then, it can be too late to salvage both the turf and your deck. For best results, leave the job to professionals.

Artificial Grass Design and Installation for Decks, Patios and More

Looking for more turf ideas to freshen up your deck, patio, balcony and other living areas? We’d love to share more creative ways to use artificial grass around your home. Our installers are also experts on other turf applications, like synthetic putting greens, pet facilities, athletic fields and more. Call Atlanta Artificial Grass at 470-868-4790 today!

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