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If you’re a parent who plays golf, you’re probably excited to share your love of the sport with your little ones. Installing an Atlanta putting green in your backyard is a great way to achieve this. No more driving to the range or paying recurring fees to get quality tee time —play with the whole family anytime, for as long as you want!

When you have children, however, their safety is always your top priority. The good news is that synthetic putting greens are safe enough for your family, especially for children of all ages.

Why Backyard Putting Greens Are a Safe Choice

Some people think that natural is always better than artificial, but this is not always the case when it comes to lawns. Real grass hides many dangers, such as pests and toxic weeds. These hazards can carry over to a putting green made of natural grass.

On the other hand, artificial turf in Atlanta offers several advantages in terms of safety. A synthetic backyard putting green keeps children safe in the following ways:

  • It’s hypoallergenic.

A natural golf putting green produces grass pollens, which are some of the most common allergens for children. This can limit your kid’s playtime and trigger symptoms, such as sneezing, itchiness, and rashes. Synthetic putting greens don’t produce pollen, so your children can practice their swings without worrying about allergies.

  • It’s free of chemicals.

Putting greens made of natural grass need lots of chemicals to stay alive, such as weedicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Unfortunately, exposure to these substances by spending time on your green can cause children to fall ill. You never have to apply such solutions to a synthetic putting green, significantly reducing the chances of exposing your little ones to toxins.

  • It doesn’t harbor pests.

Your family is not the only one who enjoys spending time on your natural lawn; insects and other pests love making their home in real grass. It’s only a matter of time before a pest population turns into a full-blown infestation. Pests won’t just damage or kill your lawn. They can also bring harm to your kids.

Switching to artificial grass in Atlanta, GA eliminates the breeding grounds of these pests. Since they won’t find shelter or food in synthetic turf, they will be forced to move out of your yard. Enjoy unlimited putting time in your backyard green without risking your child’s safety with unwanted critters.

  • It mitigates the impact of falls.

A synthetic green looks and feels so similar to the real thing, most kids can’t help going crazy on turf! They’ll go tumbling, running and playing all over your yard. Fortunately, artificial grass reduces the risk of injuries by cushioning the impacts of trips and falls. You can even install a shock-absorbing layer for your yard to increase its safety level.

Make Your Dream Atlanta Putting Green Come True

Synthetic putting greens allow you to enjoy your favorite sport while keeping your family safe at the same time. Get your children into the game without leaving the comforts of home. Let Atlanta Artificial Grass turn your dream green into a reality with top-quality turf, grass accessories and expert installation. Call us now at 470-868-4790 to get started on your backyard putting green!

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