A private golf course in the backyard is every golfer’s dream. Imagine starting a day with a few putts to get your mood up. It is also nice to come home and play a relaxing game after a tiring and stressful day at work. Finally, golfers get to enjoy their favorite game with family and friends on weekends.

putting green

The best part of having a residential putting green setup is its impact on a golfer’s happiness and health. Before getting started, here are some factors to consider that will help you plan a residential Atlanta Putting green project.


Lawn Size

You can place the putting greens on any virtually lawn size. Although a wider space is ideal for putting green setups, there’s no reason to be constrained by lawn size. It will take a touch of creativity to build putting greens on smaller spaces but it is not impossible.

Atlanta artificial grass is best for any lawn size. It can be cut and shaped for any layout. Maximize smaller spaces with meandering courses without worrying about being able to cover those unusual shapes with synthetic turf.

Distance from the House

Experts agree that putting greens should be as close to the house as possible. Keep it accessible and close to other outdoor living spaces. Keeping it accessible helps golfers maximize the use of the putting green setup.

Keeping the putting green set up close to the house also simplifies maintenance. Accessibility plays an important role when it is time for maintenance and cleaning.

Putting Green Lawn Terrain

Depending on the golfer’s preference, the lawn’s terrain can be flattened. Moreover, flat lawns can make use of additional hills and bumps to give the course a more natural appeal. Since flat putting greens can get boring real fast, it is wise to add a few bumps or slopes here and there for an added challenge.

Use the natural slopes of the lawn to make it more interesting. Whatever type of terrain you want for your putting green, artificial turf in Atlanta can be easily installed on its surface.


Consider how hot it could get during summer. Remember that too much heat can leave Atlanta artificial grass deformed. To ensure that the turf is heat resistant, opt for nylon and avoid polypropylene variants.

Ball Roll

Consider how fast or slow you want the ball to roll on the putting green. Check the stimp reading of the type of turf being considered. A stimp rating of 7 means slow ball roll. A rating of 14 is considered lightning fast. Adding or removing sand infills can also help in manipulating the ball speed on the artificial grass putting green.

Build Your Dream Putting Green

The factors listed above seek to give you an idea of the things that need to be considered when planning for that perfect putting green setup. Decisions on these factors help determine the costs and time requirements of the project.

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