More and more families in Atlanta are choosing artificial grass as a landscaping solution for their yards, and for good reasons. It offers a great deal of benefits, including better comfort and safety, minimal maintenance, and huge savings. Let’s look at some ways artificial grass may be more appropriate for your landscape than natural grass.

Makes a More Enjoyable Playground for Children

Artificial grass was first invented for the purpose of giving inner-city children the opportunity to play actively and athletically. The goal of the makers of this product was to imitate the natural playgrounds of the countryside, eventually offering the same benefits to children in highly urbanized areas. Today, it is far easier to keep a yard with artificial grass clean and maintain its level of safety for children’s play than to keep a landscape with natural grass. It is also very soft, so it’s perfect if your kids like to play barefoot.

Artificial grass not only provides a safe environment for your children, but the reverse is also true. Artificial grass can withstand all sorts of pressure, particularly from children and pets constantly running around.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Of course, with artificial grass, you don’t need to mow anymore. It also eliminates the need for weeding, and it drains better than its natural counterpart. Not needing the typical equipment used for maintaining grass could spell huge savings for your family in the long run.

Since artificial grass does not need to be watered, you can keep it green without consuming significant volumes of water each day. Even when the weather condition is too harsh, your landscape will preserve its appearance. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass will not get muddy or damaged when soaked in water. Sunlight won’t cause it to fade, harden, and eventually crack. In the same way, it will stay in top shape all year round even if it’s under a huge shade.

Good Health and Hygiene

Artificial grass eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides, which can harm your family and pets. It is easier to clean and keep safe at all times than a natural landscape, too. Most artificial grass products are hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about allergies and other negative effects on your health usually associated with natural grass.

Environmental Benefits

The chemical needed to maintain natural grass can poison your land. As the potent chemicals drain with runoff into the sewers and river systems, they can pollute water sources and damage the ecosystem. Natural lawns also require excessive amounts of fresh water, which can contribute to the rapid depletion of fresh water sources around the world.

One hour of lawn mowing with a gas lawnmower yields the same amount of harmful gas emissions as an approximately 100-mile driving trip. So using artificial lawn can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Meanwhile, scientists find a strong connection between lawn clippings and some types of water pollution. Natural grass, therefore, can do your neighborhood more harm than good.

Safe for Animals

Artificial grass is no doubt safe for pets, particularly pooches and cats. It helps prevent flea and tick infestation since they do not attract insects like natural grass do. Because artificial grass is very soft, your pets can run around on it for as long as they want without hurting their paws or getting their claws caught in the grass piles.

The unsightly brown spots that are common in natural grass after occurrences of pet urination never develop on artificial grass. Cleaning a variety of pet messes is accomplished much more quickly and easily than removing the same types of messes from a natural lawn. All it takes to clean up is hot water and a mild detergent. Also, dogs will not be able to dig up artificial grass and damage it.

Getting Artificial Grass in Atlanta

Unfortunately, just having artificial grass is not enough to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits. It has to be supplied and installed by a reputable artificial turf provider like Atlanta Artificial Grass. Not only do they carry the best brands, but they also have highly trained installers that perform excellent job in every project. With their service, you can expect your artificial lawn installed properly in no time.


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