4 Issues Solved by a Synthetic Grass Putting Green-atlanta

Playing on a natural Atlanta putting green is great. It’s beautiful, it smells nice and it’s relaxing. Unfortunately, it can also develop a lot of problems over time. Most of these issues are not just a hassle to fix. They also affect the playability of the green. The great news is that you can find a problem-free alternative for real grass in synthetic turf for putting greens.

Here are the problems that plague real grass but don’t affect artificial grass for golf:

Ball Marks

No matter how well you play, it’s inevitable that you’ll leave a mark in the grass after hitting a shot. This is one of the biggest reasons why people are hesitant to invest in a backyard putting green. While they can enjoy quality short games, they also have to fix ball marks after every session.

Ball marks don’t form on artificial grass because it doesn’t depend on soil like natural grass. Instead, it’s made from synthetic fibers that are woven together to create a soft and springy surface. That means no matter how many times you hit the ball off-center or too hard, there won’t be any damage done to your Atlanta putting green.


Divots are holes that can form when golfers hit the ball too hard. They can also appear when a mower cuts off too much grass. Divots can make the putting surface uneven, dragging down the playability of the green.

The great news is that neither of these problems affects artificial grass. That means divots don’t form on synthetic putting greens. You won’t have to worry about torn-up turf ruining your short game.

Uneven Putting Green Turf

If you’ve ever had to mow your backyard putting green, you know that it’s not exactly a walk in the park. You have to make sure you cut evenly. Then, you have to mow all the way around each tree or bush so that it doesn’t get hit by the lawnmower. If you don’t mow the turf consistently, it can make it hard to get consistent shots on your green.

With artificial turf in Atlanta, you don’t have to mow your green to keep it short and neat. It stays the ideal pile height because it doesn’t grow.

Putting Green Turf Diseases

Turf diseases can leave putting greens unhealthy-looking and unplayable. They can be caused by poor drainage, overwatering or high levels of nitrogen in the soil. Some turf diseases don’t affect playability such as Brown Patch, but most can cause severe damage like Dollar Spot.

Luckily, these problems don’t affect artificial grass. Synthetic grass has no roots—it doesn’t require irrigation or fertilization either!

Get an Atlanta Grass Installation for Hassle-Free Short Games

If you’re looking to build a putting green in your backyard, we can help.

Here at Atlanta Artificial Grass, we have all the products and services you need to make your dream green come true. From artificial grass for golf and landscaping solutions to installation services, we have everything. We can also teach you how to make it last longer.

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