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At Atlanta Artificial Grass, safety is always our top priority, especially when it comes to families with kids and pets. We know you want the best for your loved ones and that’s why we’re here to share the facts about modern artificial grass safety. We’re breaking down the technical aspects in a way that’s easy to understand. So you can make an informed decision for your home or business.

Materials and Manufacturing: Artificial Grass Has Come a Long Way

Gone are the days of scratchy, plastic-looking artificial grass. Today’s products are a whole new ballgame, engineered with your family’s safety and comfort in mind. High-quality artificial grass is made from non-toxic, lead-free materials that feel soft to the touch, yet tough enough to handle playtime and Atlanta’s weather extremes.

The manufacturing process has also gotten a major upgrade. Top manufacturers now use advanced techniques to create grass blades that look and feel more like the real thing. They’re treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and breaking down over time, so your lawn stays looking fresh and safe for years to come.

Infill Innovations

If you read our previous article on choosing the safest infill for playgrounds, you know that infill is the secret ingredient that makes artificial grass look, feel, and perform its best. It’s also a key factor in safety, especially for little ones who love to tumble and roll.

Modern infill options like silica sand, coated sand, EPDM rubber, TPE, and organic materials are all designed with your kids and fur babies in mind. They’ve undergone rigorous testing to ensure they’re non-toxic, lead-free, and gentle on sensitive skin. Plus, they provide excellent shock absorption to cushion any falls and keep playtime safe.

Many infills also have antimicrobial properties to fight off bacteria and odor, which is a game-changer for homes with pets. By choosing a high-quality, certified safe infill, you can create a clean, comfortable play surface that your whole family will love.

Installation Expertise: Your Safety Starts Here

Of course, even the best artificial grass products won’t perform well if they’re not installed correctly. That’s where our team of experts comes in. We’ve got years of experience creating safe, durable artificial grass surfaces for families and businesses across Atlanta.

We take great care to prepare the base, level the surface, and secure the turf so it stays put. No matter how much foot traffic it gets. We also use special techniques to seam the turf together seamlessly, eliminating any tripping hazards.

Our installers are trained in the latest industry best practices for kid and pet-friendly installations.  So we can recommend the perfect turf and infill combo for your needs. Whether you’re dreaming of a backyard play paradise or a dog run that can handle your energetic pup, we’ve got you covered.

Maintenance: Keeping Your Grass Safe and Fresh

Just like any surface, artificial grass needs a little TLC to stay looking and performing its best. Regular maintenance, like brushing the fibers, removing debris, and giving it a quick rinse, will help keep your lawn clean and safe for play.

For pet owners, enzyme cleaners are a lifesaver for neutralizing odors and breaking down waste. And if you’ve got a high-traffic area like a playground, antimicrobial treatments can be applied to keep bacteria at bay.  With proper care, your artificial grass will remain a safe, beautiful space for your family to enjoy.

Artificial Grass: Safe, Durable, and Beautiful

At the end of the day, we believe that modern artificial grass offers a superior alternative to natural grass. Especially when it comes to safety and durability. By choosing a reputable installer like Atlanta Artificial Grass and certified safe materials, you can have the best of both worlds: a stunning, low-maintenance lawn that your whole family can enjoy with peace of mind.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the safety features of our artificial grass, give us a call at 408-317-0931 or send us a quick message to schedule a free consultation.

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