Are you considering installing artificial grass but you’re still quite not sure if it’s your best option? It helps to know the various features of this material and how it differs from real grass before you make up your mind. Following are two of the main benefits of artificial grass that you probably didn’t know about.


It’s easy to misjudge artificial grass as detrimental to the environment simply because it’s synthetic, and most non-natural materials can straightforwardly be associated with pollution. If you look closely into other facts, particularly about its counterpart real grass, you’ll realize that it’s actually the opposite.

For instance, growing and maintaining real grass requires the constant use of fertilizer. If you are reckless with fertilizer, you can end up polluting your land, and if excess amount mixes with runoff, it could reach the river and other water sources in your community. Real grass also needs regular watering. In fact, the average American lawn consumers over 20,000 gallons per year.

Artificial grass needs neither fertilizing nor watering. It may have to be washed several times per year but not as often as real grass needs watering. Since artificial grass doesn’t grow, there’s no need to mow it. Lawn mowers use significant amount of fuel, which means it also emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


The environmental benefits of artificial grass explains all of its economic benefits. Obviously, because artificial grass don’t need watering, fertilizing, and mowing, it’s expected to cost less in the long run.


Many species of grass produce allergy-causing pollens when they pollinate. If some members of your family have grass allergies, they may suffer from allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis once they inhale these pollens. They may experience persistent sneezing, itchy eyes and noses, and a feeling of congestion. With artificial grass, your family can avoid this health risk altogether and enjoy your stay on the lawn for as long as you want.


Artificial grass is also a better option if you have pets running around your house. It is easy to clean and deodorize when your pets poop or urinate on the turf. You also don’t have to worry about the turf fiber being easily torn apart. They are made extremely durable so they can withstand the pressure of scratching by your pets’ paws and claws.

Knowing all of these benefits, you can easily tell how efficient an option artificial grass is for your property. Besides saving a lot of money, you can also enjoy lasting green regardless of the season. Choose a reputable provider to make sure that your artificial grass is high-quality and suits your needs.


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