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Your lawn needs water, but too much can cause problems like bald patches and uneven grass growth. Poor drainage can make these issues worse. The more saturated the soil becomes, the harder it will be for oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Looking to solve your drainage problems? Consider artificial turf in Atlanta.

Let’s take a closer look at the things that can cause poor lawn drainage and how artificial grass stops them.

Gutter Spouts

When you have gutter spouts that direct water to your lawn, it can cause a lot of problems. The water will pool up on the grass and it can lead to water damage. If your grass is too low, this can also cause flooding in your basement or crawl space.

You can install a French drain system to solve this problem. But if you want a simpler solution that works just as well, install synthetic grass instead. Experts on landscaping solutions can install synthetic turf in a way that prevents drainage problems.

Poor Elevation

Poor elevation  can cause water to pool on low areas on your lawn. This can oversaturate the soil and create puddles. And that can lead to mold and fungi growth, which increases the risk of turf diseases infecting the natural grass.

Artificial turf in Atlanta won’t suffer from the effects of poor drainage due to bad elevation. When turf experts lay it down in areas with steep elevations, they put measures in place to prevent flooding problems. That includes anything from using a special infill to setting up an efficient drainage system under the installation.

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction occurs when the weight of traffic on your lawn causes the soil to become dense. The roots of your grass plants cannot penetrate the compressed soil, so they die off. This problem is common in putting greens, playgrounds, sports fields and similar places.

The state of the soil has no impact on artificial grass in Atlanta, GA. It will stay vibrant and green even when its soil is loose or compacted.

Water Traps

Water traps can form when there are dips or other irregularities in your yard. These depressions trap water, which can become breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria. Poorly installed irrigation systems are the common culprit behind water traps. If you own an Atlanta putting green, the impact of golf swings on the turf can also create traps.

Synthetic grass lawns don’t need sprinklers and other irrigation systems. They won’t develop water traps. After all, it doesn’t need water to stay lush and green.

Runoff Erosion

When rain or snow melts on your lawn, it can wash away topsoil from your lawn and leave behind a barren landscape. If you live in an area where flooding is a problem, runoff erosion may be happening year-round. In that case, it might take regular maintenance and repair damage to keep your green lawn in great shape.

Runoff erosion isn’t a problem with synthetic grass because the turf helps keep the soil in place. It also won’t wash away when rain or snowmelt floods your lawn.

Stop Drainage Problems for Good With Atlanta Grass Installation

Whether you want a lawn that has zero drainage issues or just one that’s chemical-free, we have everything you need. We’ve been helping homeowners from Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond improve their yards for years.

Take advantage of our premium artificial grass products and installation services here at Atlanta Artificial Grass. Whether you live in a city or the suburbs, our team is always happy to help. Contact us online or call us at 470-868-4790 today.

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