Ease of maintenance is one the major benefits of artificial grass. It eliminates the need to fertilize, water, and reseed your lawn because it’s made of synthetic materials. Just like any other material that you use to add value and convenience to your home, however, artificial turf must receive proper care as well. All it needs is a simple maintenance routine to prolong its life and keep its beautiful, natural appeal.

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When artificial grass is installed, a sand infill is applied to support the turf and even it out. It requires about 6 to 8 weeks to settle. Once it’s settled, you need to lightly brush the grass to keep them looking good. When brushing, do it in different directions to make it look as bouncy and upright as natural grass. If the turf is huge and you don’t have time to cover the entire area, focus on the parts that get the most foot traffic.

You can do the brushing once a month. Just make sure to use a brush with synthetic bristles rather than metal ones because the former is gentler. For a more natural look, fabric softeners can help.


Over time, the artificial turf gets dirty and stained due to accumulated dust and such mishaps as spilled coffee, tea, juice, or alcohol during an outdoor party. Rainfall can significantly help in cleaning your artificial lawn. However, during summer or dry spells, you may need to clean it yourself.

A quick spray with a hose is enough to remove accumulated dust and hardened organic matter. For treating stains, on the other hand, you may want to spray a mix of water and detergent to affected areas. While artificial grass is usually resistant to staining, cleaning it from time to time is advisable.


Dirt and stains aren’t that hard to deal with, but you may find it more challenging to treat the stench left by pet urine and excrement. The odor may linger for some time, even if you’ve washed the turf already. To remove the stink, you can use an enzyme cleaner or for a more natural approach, mix water with vinegar and spray it on the lawn.

An artificial lawn is not hard to maintain. It requires only a little bit of your time to show your love and care for it. Not only does it save you money on water bills and professional lawn care, but it can also keep your yard looking good and fresh all year long.

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