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Bugs are the bane of summer cookouts, pool parties and other fun backyard activities. They’re not just annoying either. Various insects can be downright dangerous, such as bees, mosquitos, fire ants, fleas and ticks. Worse, the pesticides used to keep them at bay are just as toxic.

Artificial turf in Atlanta offers an effective and greener way of preventing bug infestations:

1. No standing water where insects can breed in artificial turf

Standing water provides the perfect breeding ground for bugs. For example, mosquitoes especially love water and use it to lay their eggs.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy for water to pool on a natural lawn, especially when the ground is hard and packed. Soil doesn’t drain efficiently, either, which means lots of moist areas where pests can lay their eggs.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, doesn’t hold on to water. It doesn’t get compacted or muddy, either. This means no more standing puddles for pests to breed in!

2. There’s nothing for insects to eat

A natural lawn is basically a bug buffet. Grasses, flowers and the other plants on your lawn provide a constant source of food for all kinds of pests. Microbes beneath the soil provide nutrients, too. Dead insects become food for other pests as well, making it an endless cycle of feeding.

In an artificial grass yard, however, bugs have nothing to eat! The lack of soil, grasses and plants means they can’t get any nutrition from the lawn itself.

3. No exposed soil

Soil is a great place for bugs to hide. They can take cover in the thick layer of dirt and avoid predators that might otherwise cull their numbers. In addition, exposed soil is a source of food for some pests, notably termites, worms and ants.

Since part of Atlanta grass installation is excavation, the artificial grass system goes several feet deep. As a result, there’s absolutely no exposed soil that will invite pests to breed, hide or feed.

4. No weeds for bugs to hide in

Weeds encourage pest infestations, because they provide shelter and plenty of food. The fact that weeds grow and spread quickly means bugs can reproduce rapidly, too! As a result, weed-choked areas of backyards are a favorite among many pests, including mosquitoes, ants, grubs, worms and more.

Artificial grass eliminates the need for weed control because it doesn’t have any weeds to begin with! Weed seeds can’t get into the soil or take root in artificial turf, which often makes synthetic lawns nearly 100% weed-free. Similarly, insects that prefer weedy areas won’t be able to find those spots with artificial grass.

5. Animals can’t burrow through artificial turf

Tiny bugs are not the only pests attracted to grass and natural lawns. Rodents like moles, gophers and skunks can cause trouble, too! Since these animals create tunnels beneath the surface, they can cause damage to the lawn itself. They also love to feast on grass roots and other organic matter in your yard.

Unfortunately, many of these animals are not only damaging to your lawn but also hazardous to humans and pets.

Well-constructed artificial grass prevents ground-dwelling animals from burrowing into your yard. There’s no soil for rodents or other pests to tunnel into and the artificial grass is far too tough for them to chew through! This means pets and kids can play freely without fear of these invasive animals.

6. Better aesthetics than natural grass

Grass attracts insects due to its vibrant colors, but it’s unsightly compared to most types of decorative landscaping. It’s vulnerable to many issues, like diseases, harsh weather, weeds and insects.

A cleanly installed artificial turf is attractive because it doesn’t have any of those problems. Plus, you don’t have to worry about watering, mowing, fertilizing or aerating regularly.

Artificial grass is sleek, easy to maintain and will stay that way anywhere from 8 to 25 years! It’s much more versatile than natural grass, too and is perfect for other applications like a pet run, playground, pool surround or an Atlanta putting green.

Enjoy a Beautiful, Bug-Free Yard with Artificial Turf in Atlanta!

The bottom line is that artificial turf offers a lot of benefits – from being pet-proof to reducing the need for fertilizer and water. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about bug infestations with artificial grass!

If you want help deciding if synthetic turf installation would be right for your needs, we’d love to provide expert consultation services at no cost.

Give Atlanta Artificial Grass a call today at 470-868-4790 or send us a message and we’ll take care of everything else!

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