small backyard artificial grass installation

Making your small backyard look super-sized is a matter of cutting back on clutter and playing with the space you already have. It also takes a couple of design tricks, such as Atlanta grass installation and visually extending your outdoor space.

For your upcoming backyard makeover, try these tips:

  • 1. Extend the Yard by Covering Your Patio with Artificial Grass

    If you don’t have room for an entire lawn, you can create the illusion of one by covering your patio or courtyard with artificial turf in the Atlanta area.

    Or if you do have an existing artificial lawn, this method extends your usable outdoor living space both visually and functionally.

  • 2. Create Diagonal Paths to Elongate the Space

    Create diagonal paths throughout your yard to trick the eye and create a longer and larger-looking area of land than you actually have. Build one path directly across your lawn and another along a diagonal to confound your visitors’ sense of perspective.

    Aside from artificial grass, you can also use hardscape like landscaping pebbles, gravel or even mulch to mimic paths you’d create with real grass. It’s a great way to save space and still look like you have an expansive yard.

  • 3. Frame the View with Pergolas or Arbors

    Adding pergolas or arbors across your property line will visually extend your yard and make it look bigger. Use arches or latticework to frame your view of the street, backyard or even neighboring buildings.

    Don’t have the budget or space for an enormous structure? You can achieve the same effect by hanging wisteria, honeysuckle or roses across your existing arbors.

  • 4. Grow Tall Plants with Big Leaves

    Grow tall plants with big leaves, such as palm trees, bamboo or large ferns around your garden to recreate the feeling of depth you would have if you had a yard full of grass.

    For those without a green thumb, it’s just a matter of visiting your local nursery and garden center. Pick heavy and ornate pots for your plants, if you wish. Atlanta artificial grass can accommodate the weight, so you can get the style you really want!

  • 5. Interrupt the Space by Creating Levels

    Adding different levels to your yard can create visual interest. You can also use them as functional spaces, such as placing tables on an upper level so you can still see the garden below you or creating areas for sitting or entertaining on different levels of your yard.

    Another easy way to do this is by arranging raised planters. You can even build them yourself with cinder blocks and a wooden frame! This is a great way to divide your yard, as well as giving you more greenery to enjoy.

Freshen Up Your Yard with Atlanta Grass Installation!

Artificial grass is a great way to refresh your yard and get it looking its best. Atlanta Artificial Grass can help you find the perfect style for your lawn, whether that’s low maintenance artificial turf or something more specialized like backyard putting greens.

Call us today at 470-868-4790 or send us a message with questions about getting started on your new project. We’d love to throw in a FREE quote, too!

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