Installing your very own Atlanta putting green entails plenty of advantages other than curb appeal, especially if made from artificial grass.

A synthetic backyard putting green requires little to no maintenance, can withstand your club shots and provides you an opportunity to practice your short game every weekend.

Moreover, artificial grass ensures that your backyard putting green retains its fresh and even-cropped appearance, rain or shine. So, whether you have a sub-zero temperatures or a fiery afternoon, synthetic grass has got your private golf course covered!

Weather-Resistant Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Atlanta Putting Green

3 Features That Help Artificial Grass Putting Green Survive Harsh Weather Conditions

You can’t explain the joy avid golfers feel to have a putting green just a few feet away from their back door. However, that elation becomes more surreal, knowing that their favorite outdoor course still looks lusher than ever. Even after 10 to 25 years.

Here’s how the artificial turf of your Atlanta putting green can withstand the test of time while being exposed to harsh conditions

Their Blades Are Made From Robust Materials

Synthetic turf mimics the appearance and gentle texture of real grass but possesses more durability than natural ones. Manufacturers use heavy-duty materials in crafting the turf, making it resistant to wear, tear and abrasions.

Its polyethylene and nylon content also makes it resistant to the sun’s destructive UV rays and burning heat. Witness your turf retract back into their original shape and retain their color after enduring the extreme weather.

They Have an Efficient Drainage System

A submerged putting green during heavy rainfalls plague most homeowners as this can kill the grass, erode the soil and promote mold growth. However, artificial grass can save you from all these troubles!

With the help of the best Atlanta grass installation company, your synthetic putting green comes with a high-caliber drainage system that removes excess water. Preventing the pooling of rainwater.

Through the permeable blades and backing, puddles of water is normally spread throughout the material underneath then cleared out onto the streets or storm drains.

Even if your putting green submerged in flood, its synthetic grass won’t degrade nor rot in the water.

They Contain Quality Infill and Layers

Appropriate infill materials make a huge difference when the rain starts pouring in. Professional installers know that quality hard rocks, gravel and sand provide good drainage and absorption. Making your putting green flood-resistant.

A high-quality thatch layer for your artificial turf in Atlanta also makes it more resilient, withstanding the strongest winds and the heaviest pack of snow.

Turn Your Dream Backyard Putting Green Into Reality!

If you think a synthetic putting green is an over-the-top investment, think again. A backyard putting green saves you miles of driving to and from the nearest course. Cuts down upkeep costs and is ecologically sustainable by not requiring chemical sprays and fertilizers.

Get your project going now by calling Atlanta Artificial Grass at 470-302-0868!

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