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Improving your property’s landscaping need not be limited to using natural grass. You may not be too keen about the idea now, but you should realize that artificial grass is just as effective, if not even more efficient when it comes to improving your landscaping design.

One of the main reasons why homeowners are making the switch from natural grass to synthetic ones is that it’s a lot easier to maintain. Because they are artificial, there is no growth to look out for. It also means that there’s no need to mow the lawn, which admittedly is among the most unpopular chores in any household in the country.

This minimal requirement for maintenance therefore makes it an ideal solution for those who want to keep a specific aesthetic when designing their landscape. Of course, whatever your plans may be, it’s important that you seek the help of professionals so you can see it to its fruition.

Here are some landscape design ideas that can improve your property’s aesthetic, with the help of artificial grass.


This is one of the biggest issues of homeowners about natural grass. They’re green when they’re new but they don’t stay that way. Too sunny a day and they can dry up and wilt. During particularly harsh summers, they turn brown. Come winter, they get buried under the snow and end up losing their quality. Sometimes, entire patches of grass get torn out, resulting in unsightly pockmarks on the ground.

With artificial grass on the other hand, you won’t have to contend with these issues. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, you can rely on the synthetic grass to retain its color all year ‘round. To maximize its dramatic effect even during “off” seasons, like the cooler months, plant trees in the area that do give a warm, autumn color. The trees will also act as cooling shade, which is important for artificial turf because it can get hot faster than natural grass due to its material.

The heat shouldn’t affect the quality of the material for too much, though, because after all they are made out of some of the toughest materials around, such as nylon and polypropylene.


A big trend nowadays is having a zen garden inside the house. This kind of garden originating from Japan usually features earth and water elements. Stones and clear water running through the garden are common elements. Inside the home, you may need to modify it.

A way to incorporate the water element is to add in a small water fountain component, which can then be surrounded in a grassy (artificial) patch decorated with stones and flowers, and other elements.


If you have kids, why don’t you try encouraging them to play outside more by giving their play area a creative boost? Literally. Remember those little mounds and hills that were so prominent in the land of the hobbits? You can actually incorporate those in your own backyard, and no, you won’t need to pile tons of soil just to achieve the desired effect.

You can construct shapes and mounds from sturdy materials that can hold your kids’ weight, and form it into little spaces where they can pass through, slide down or swing from, or even jump on. You can then cover these structures with artificial grass, seamlessly blending it in with the rest of your backyard.

Not only will this give a dreamier, even Wonderland-like feel for the kids, but also a lot safer because the area they are playing on are properly padded surfaces, thanks to the artificial turf.

These are just some of the landscape ideas that you can consider in case you’re thinking of how you can pull it off with artificial grass. For best results, it’s advisable that you seek the expert help of trusted companies serving Atlanta, such as Atlanta Artificial Grass.

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