Pet owners want nothing but the best for their furry companions. However, it becomes frustrating to take care of pets when you also need to take care of a natural grass lawn. They just don’t mix well. Luckily, there’s artificial grass that makes any Atlanta grass installation pet-friendly!

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Why Artificial Grass is Good for Pets

If you’re looking into replacing natural grass with artificial turf in Atlanta for your pets, you may have some questions about how artificial grass is good for them. Here are some of the benefits pets and pet owners both enjoy with the help of artificial grass.

Promotes pet health

Installing artificial grass on a lawn helps prevent pets from contracting diseases that they might get from a natural lawn. Natural grass comes with different critters and insects that pets may ingest out of curiosity.

A good example is ingesting a lung-worm infected worm or slug. Moreover, fleas and ticks also thrive in natural lawns and could cause an infestation even inside the house. Lastly, there are various weeds that might grow on a natural lawn that can be potentially harmful to pets when ingested.

When using artificial grass for an Atlanta grass installation, pet owners can worry less about the health of their pets.

Keeps chemicals away

Maintaining a natural grass lawn requires the use of fertilizers and insecticides that may be harmful to both you and your pet. These substances may contain toxins that could be fatal to animals. Unlike natural grass, there’s no need to use fertilizers or insecticides. Furthermore, artificial turf in Atlanta is made of non-toxic material which makes it safe for everyone in the household.

Lets pets play anytime

It is heart-breaking to see pets unable to play outside when it just finished raining. Most pets, especially dogs, love playing in the mud and unintentionally making a mess. Pet owners no longer need to worry about muddy mayhem.

Pets can now enjoy the lawn in any weather. Let them play and have as much fun as they want. Similarly, pet owners can also enjoy their lawn any time of the year. An Atlanta putting green offers the same benefit.

Artificial grass is urine resistant

Perhaps one of the best features of artificial grass is it is resistant to pet urine. It will not get discolored or die from pets peeing on the turf. Moreover, it is easy to clean pet urine. With regular hose downs and occasional application of soapy water, it can be kept urine-free. By keeping artificial turf clean, you can also prevent unwanted odors from developing.

Give Only the Best to Your Pets

Make the wise choice and switch to artificial grass for your pets. It is also durable enough to withstand various pet activities. Give your pets the best memories and experiences. Call us now at 408-317-0931 to get started and get a free quote!

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