When you want to make your home greener almost effortlessly, you should seriously think about using artificial grass. It’s easy to maintain, practical and most of all, you can use several ways around your yard and even on your roof.


Artificial turf or grass actually looks just like natural grass or lawn. The difference here is that unlike the natural variety, this doesn’t require much in terms of upkeep. In fact, you don’t have to think about mowing or trimming the lawn when you are using artificial turf. What’s more, you can also do away with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that a natural lawn would typically require. That means no unwanted toxic chemical exposure for anyone in the family.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about artificial grass whether it rains or shines. That’s because, in case it gets wet, this type of grass comes equipped with a drainage system that would make sure the grass dries up almost instantly. At the same time, there is no mud when you step on it so that you don’t have to worry about dirt spreading around the house.

That said, there are a number of ways that you can utilize artificial turf around your home to make it greener and more fun at the same time. Here are some ideas that may just inspire you:


If your kids are into sports like football, baseball or soccer, you can easily make a small version of a playing field right on your backyard. All you have to do is have the artificial grass installed and you can put on the nets and other sports equipment.


Even without using natural grass, you can still have a garden that you can be proud about. Surround the area with potted plants and extend your lawn all the way to your pathway where you can also put artificial turf in between your pavers.


If you were going to surround your swimming pool with natural grass, chances are your feet would become all dirty and muddy when you walk on it right after coming up from the water. By using artificial grass instead, you can be sure that your feet would stay clean every time you come up after a swim. Not to mention, this kind of grass feels quite soft too so it’s nice to walk on barefoot.


Cover your roof with some artificial turf and set up some lounge seating. This could be a great spot for entertaining friends or simply throwing a barbecue party for the family.

Consider these ideas when figuring out how to utilize artificial grass around your lawn. If you’d like, you can also inquire with an artificial turf installer and ask for some more ideas for your backyard. Have the lush landscape that you deserve and have always wanted without the maintenance headache.


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