Golfer or not, an Atlanta putting green is a fantastic addition to any yard. First, it means years of unlimited private golf time and fun weekends playing with your family and friends. Backyard BBQs and parties will never be the same again!

Additionally, putting greens also come with all the benefits of Atlanta turf grass. This includes minimal maintenance, safety, weather resistance and unbelievably realistic looks.

Before you can enjoy all of that, however, you need to spend some time planning out your ideal backyard green. Don’t worry— these five easy steps are all you need.

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How to Plan Your Backyard Putting Green in 5 Steps

When we say “plan,” we don’t mean planning out the installation itself. You won’t have to lift a finger, because the installers will take care of everything.

However, you do need to decide on where to place your putting green and what features you want in it. You are the one who’ll be playing on the green, so every element should be something you want and enjoy.

Just like any project, thoughtful planning goes a long way towards a putting green you will absolutely love:

1. Select a central location.

Maximize the fantastic social element of backyard putting greens by placing it somewhere close to your house. For instance, consider a spot near the patio or porch. A bare rooftop will work as well, so will a sizable terrace. A central location allows family and guests to socialize while joining a game from time to time.

2. Think about modifying the terrain to make way for challenges.

Keep your golf green challenging by adding sand traps, pitches and slopes to artificial turf in Atlanta. You can even add bunkers and fringes to synthetic grass. An experienced installer will be able to use your terrain’s natural features to blend those challenges with putting greens in Atlanta.

3. Plan out the flora.

Do you want live plants and trees in or around your putting green? It’s possible to incorporate these with quality synthetic turf, but it does take a bit of planning to design and install.

You’ll need to let your installers know ahead of time if there are existing vegetation or trees you’d like to keep. This way, they’ll be able to factor that into the design in a way that keeps the growth healthy without compromising your putting green.

4. Incorporate your style into the putting green design.

One of the best things about Atlanta grass installation is that you can customize artificial turf to reflect your personality. Think customized scoreboards, tee markers, ball cleaners and flags embroidered with your name or whatever design you fancy. Get creative with it!

5. Consider adding lighting into your backyard putting green.

Like most families in Atlanta, you probably love entertaining in the evening. Or, maybe you’re busy with work during the day and you can only sharpen your short game at night. Incorporating lights into the landscape will improve ambiance and extend the usable hours of your putting green.

Get the Ball Rolling on Your Atlanta Putting Green!

Still not completely satisfied with the design of your putting green? That’s what we’re here for! Our designers here Atlanta Artificial Grass would be happy to help you get every detail right. We provide free estimates for indoor and outdoor putting greens in Atlanta GA, so send us a message or call us today at 470-868-4790 to get started!

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