Lawn care is essential to keep backyard landscaping in great shape. Part of this is treating real grass with chemicals, so it remains healthy and fresh. Unfortunately, the same chemicals that keep your lawn beautiful also threaten your dog’s health. Pesticides, for example, can make your dogs sick through ingestion or skin contact. Switching to Atlanta putting green and landscaping turf dramatically reduces this risk.

artificial turf Dogs Safe from Lawn

How Artificial Grass Putting Green Keeps Dogs Safe from Lawn Care Chemicals

Once you make the switch, you never need to treat your lawn with the following chemicals again:

  • Herbicides and Weedicides

    Small plants and weeds can choke and dehydrate real grass. In addition, certain types of weed can be poisonous to dogs. To control weed growth, many homeowners use herbicides and weedicides. However, they are equally toxic to dogs as they are towards weeds.

    In contrast, artificial grass is dirt-free. This means weeds don’t grow on their surface, completely eliminating the need for weed killers.

  • Chemical Fertilizers

    While there are natural fertilizers you can use to treat your lawn, they’re usually not as effective as their chemical counterparts. But what’s healthy for real grass can be deadly for your pets.

    Once you switch to artificial turf in Atlanta, you never have to worry about keeping your lawn green and lush. Your synthetic backyard will look fresh and healthy for many years to come without the need for chemical treatments.

  • Insecticides

    Insects and pests love natural lawns. They thrive on the soil’s moist conditions, providing plenty of food and places to breed. The best way to prevent infestations is through the regular application of pesticides, almost all of which are toxic to dogs.

    Synthetic grass solves both of these problems in one go. The artificial material doesn’t provide anywhere for pests and insects to live in. Without the danger of infestation, you’ll never have to apply pesticides again.

    Your dog can play and roll around the yard without the risk of ingesting chemicals or breathing in toxic fumes.

Enjoy a Safe Home with Artificial Grass Putting Green

Aside from creating a safe outdoor space for your pet, artificial grass also reduces issues like discolored spots due to dog urine. Below are other benefits you can look forward to:

  • Hypoallergenic surface
  • Durable and safe for outdoor play for both pets and kids
  • Low maintenance and looks great even with minimal care
  • Great for outdoor potty training with a superior drainage system
  • Tons of applications, including having your very own Atlanta putting green

For inquiries about our Atlanta grass installation services, call Atlanta Artificial Grass Experts today at 470-868-4790 for a free consultation.

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