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Thatch is a layer of organic material, such as dead grass stems and roots, that builds up between the grass surface and the soil under it. It forms when the grass produces organic debris faster than it can break it down. Thatch can thicken over time, which can cause problems for your natural landscape. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your natural yard landscape thatch-free, Atlanta artificial grass is a great solution.

How Does Thick Thatch Ruin Natural Lawns?

If you have a natural lawn, dethatching should be a part of your weekly routine. Otherwise, it will cause these problems.

Stunts Grass Growth

Thatch isn’t just unsightly—it also hurts the health of your lawn. It can get dense enough to keep water, sunlight and fertilizer from reaching the grass it covers. That can stunt turf growth because the grass isn’t getting what it needs to thrive and stay healthy.

Attracts Pests

Thatch consists of organic debris that various insects love. Some bugs feast on dead grass and roots, while others like to hide and breed among the dense foliage. This can create pest problems that are hard to resolve.

Removing the thatch can help, but there’s always a chance that the critters have moved on to the actual turf and soil under it. Applying pesticides can prevent infestations, but some of their chemicals can also contribute to thatch buildup.

Increases Turf Disease Risk

Thatch increases the risk of turf diseases by creating the perfect conditions for these diseases to thrive. It traps moisture and nutrients, both of which feed turf diseases. Once the disease gains a foothold on the thatch, it’s usually only a matter of time before it infects that grass and surrounding plants.

How Does Atlanta Artificial Grass Stop Thatch Problems?

Artificial grass never develops thatch because it never grows. So it doesn’t need mowing, which means there won’t be any broken grass blades wilting and turning into thatch on top of it.

Because synthetic grass doesn’t have thatch, sunlight, water and fertilizer will have no trouble getting to the plants near your turf installation. Pests also tend to avoid it because it doesn’t have any organic matter for them to eat or take shelter in.

Likewise, turf diseases can’t infect artificial grass because it’s synthetic. The same goes for synthetic turf for other applications, like  Atlanta putting green and pet runs. After all, there’s nothing to infect. This is good news not only for your lawn but for the plants near it as well. After all, some fungal diseases can infect not only grass but plants as well.

Enjoy Thatch-Free Landscaping With an Atlanta Grass Installation

At Atlanta Artificial Grass, we want to make sure that you have the best artificial grass for your landscaping needs. That’s why we offer only premium synthetic turf for yards, pets, golf and other applications.

Our team of turf experts can also help you design and set up a synthetic turf installation. We’ll walk you through our process and costs, and rest assured that you’ll soon enjoy a beautiful new lawn, no matter what your budget is!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 470-868-4790.

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