There are many different ways to make an Atlanta putting green stand out. One of the most important things is adding privacy so that you can enjoy the game without being disturbed by neighbors or passers-by. There are plenty of creative and beautiful ways to add privacy to your golf green with trees, shrubs, vines, fences and more!

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  • 1. Hedges

    Install a tall hedge along one or two sides of your backyard putting green for an extra layer of protection. Use low-maintenance hedges like privet, yew or holly to avoid the hassle of having to do any kind of pruning.

  • 2. Fences

    Next, add a fence along all sides of your yard to create more privacy. This will keep people from getting a clear view of your green when they walk past.

    You can also add a fence on three sides of your yard and only leave the front open if you want something more open-concept. To make sure the fence complements the style of your home, pick something in a neutral color or try brick, stone, vinyl siding or timber, depending on your home’s architecture.

  • 3. Trees

    Plant trees around your backyard putting green to give it more depth and make it feel like you’re at an actual golf course. Trees can be planted in rows along the perimeter of a backyard putting green to create an attractive barrier and provide shade for hot summer days. Lastly, varieties like weeping willows, cedars or pines have delicate branches that won’t block your line of sight on those sunny afternoons.

  • 4. Gazebo

    Build a gazebo beside your backyard putting green, so that you can enjoy peace and quiet while practicing golf. Aside from obscuring the view into your backyard, a gazebo also provides a place to sit out of the sun, shelter from rain and wind or just relax with a good book on artificial turf in Atlanta.

  • 5. Lattice Panels

    A lattice fence can be used to create privacy for a backyard putting green. Build the frame of the fence first by cutting lumber and securing it in place with screws or nails, then cover this framework with lath panels cut to size. Lattice fencing is available in many styles and colors so you’re sure to find one that matches your desired look.

  • 6. Vines

    If you’re looking for more privacy, but don’t want to block the view of the green from inside the yard or house, plant vines along one side of a fence, either trellised on top or going over and down under. The vines will provide some shade in summer while still allowing views out into the yard.

  • 7. Tall Flowers and Shrubs

    Plant tall flowers or shrubs on either side of the putting green, as well as in front and behind it, to create a natural barrier. Some great options that fit the Atlanta area’s climate are black-eyed susans, sweet alyssum and butterfly bushes.

    In addition, make sure to fill the gaps with smaller plants that grow quickly – this will also help block out unwanted views of your backyard.

Get Started with Your Atlanta Putting Green!

Having a backyard putting green is so much more than just having a private space to practice. It’s also about enjoying your surroundings and making memories with friends and family.

Atlanta Artificial Grass can help you create a putting area that also improves your entire outdoor experience. For instance, we can show you how simple it is to design one to complement other backyard features like water features, hardscape and more.

Finally, we offer free consultations where one of our experts will walk you through different putting green options that fit your needs and budget. Or, you can simply ask us anything you’d like to know about Atlanta grass installation!

Call us today at 470-868-4790 or send us a message using our contact form to get started.

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